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Created and produced a fan engagement campaign raising nearly $90,000 for the re-release of a  Steve Buscemi and Jennifer Beals indie cult classic

For distributor Matt Grady at Factory 25 and filmmaker Alex Rockwell, I strategized and led a Kickstarter campaign that raised nearly twice its $54,000 goal to save the only archival print of an obscure, Sundance-winning indie classic and make a high-quality digital release possible for the first time. 


I wrote the video script and edited the video starring Steve Buscemi and worked with other talent including Jennifer Beals and director Alex Rockwell in order to create multimedia content and engage fans. Other work included brand strategy, brand voice and tone, ghostwriting, web copy, social strategy, social content creation and community management, e-marketing, backer relationship management, and more over a four-month contract in 2016.   See select work and press:


Scripted, directed and edited campaign pitch video featuring Steve Buscemi

Campaign page copy, rewards descriptions, backer update copy and backer correspondence, andn graphic design. 
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Social media strategy, calendar, content creation and engagement

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