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A Web for the Future

___________ is a non-profit foundation providing the universal protocols, support, and standards for the World Wide Web’s smarter, safer next generation. 

From smart cities to autonomous cars, from virtual reality games to augmented reality shopping to digital medicine, the lines that separate the real world from the digital one are growing fainter. The Web of today — with its spatial constraints and security limitations — is falling out of date.

At ___________, we’re working to better integrate the virtual and physical worlds. The Spatial Web is a single, worlds-wide network, freed from the page, linking real people, places and things with digital ones, and allowing seamless interaction, transaction, and navigation between them. 

Built on blockchain technology and self-automated protocols, the Spatial Web locks down personal data, protects identities, and removes third parties in a way the future demands, for a boundless new Web that is smarter, safer, and more immersive. 

Learn more about how ___________ is helping create the Spatial Web.

Seamlessly Connected Spaces


Today, we navigate the digital and physical worlds separately, using a jumble of systems – postal addresses, IP addresses, telephone numbers, web URLs. With the Spatial Web, we can navigate both worlds as one.

In the Spatial Web, Smart Spaces can be virtual places or a physical ones, encoded with data about ownership, usage and other important information. Spatial Domain Addresses provide immediate universal reference for a Smart Space, so you can connect and cross-reference locations across the physical-digital divide.

Fraud-Proof Transactions

In the Spacial Web, everything, virtual or physical, can be linked or connected. 


These connected people, places and things are known as Smart Assets, each registered with a unique, secure ID that protects privacy and contains important data.


Using blockchain to protect and secure transactions, Smart Assets can be moved, traded, bought, and sold securely, too, using Smart Contracts which make transactions more private and secure, and which remove third parties, toward a new Web without fraud.


A Single, Secure 

Universal Account 


Dozens or hundreds of individual logins

are an antiquated way to use the Web.


Across the entire Spatial Web, users

have one singular Smart Account that authenticates, stores, and manages everything: all identities, profiles,

asset inventory, history, and currencies.


Where the Web we know is plagued with identity theft, invasions of privacy and the abuse of personal data, Smart Accounts

are built on blockchain to ensure privacy, enable seamless universal

communications, and facilitate secure transactions.

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The First AI-Powered Platform
for Background Checks 

Hi, we’re ______ — the most innovative technology company in the background check industry.

We’re using artificial intelligence and machine learning to make your hiring more efficient.  


Why the Background Check Industry Needs AI and Machine Learning


In the past, processing a background check was tedious and risky. It required pulling disorganized data from disparate sources, manually sorting through inconsistent language, and juggling ever-evolving compliance laws that differ region to region. Plus, Compliance, Recruiting, HR, and Operations teams needed to know what data was accurate, relevant, and legal to include.

At ______, we're rebuilding this process with technology at the core. Our technology can better classify large amounts of data, making your background checks faster, more accurate, and lower risk. And, our pre-built integrations help you build ______ into your existing HR workflow  easily and efficiently.  

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